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Jim Stephanson Say Go - CD


For over thirty years, Jim Stephanson has been a vital presence on the Washington, DC music scene.  A guitarist of great renown, a singer of soulful bearing, and a songwriter with a keen ear for melody, swing, and wallop, Say Go is remarkably, his first album under his own name. 


From the Everly Brothers lilt of “You Won’t Ever Fall in Love Again” to the midnight honky-tonk of “how About Now,” Say Go sounds like an album you’ve lived with your whole life.  “Before You Know” mixes melodic sophistication with a luxurious arrangement that evokes The Beatles without a hint of retro leanings; it’s a glorious twenty-first century song.  There are confident grooves, supple rhythms, hypnotically barbed solos, and resonant vocals throughout.  Washington, DC’s musical treasure will no longer be a secret to the rest of the world.  


NRBQ fans take note: Say Go was co-produced by Terry Adams who also plays piano, clavinet, and organ.  The rhythm section on the entire disc is the incomparable team of Tom Ardolino and Joey Spampinato (who also contributes harmony vocals).  Original Q guitarist, the late Steve Ferguson, solos on “Make a Lot of Noise” in what turned out to be his last recording session.  

Jim Stephanson: Say Go

blue rhythm boys - CD

Blending the blues of Mississippi John Hurt with the “hot club” swing of Django Reinhardt, The Blue Rhythm Boys have delighted audiences with their tight vocals and hot guitar playing since 1997.  There new CD out on Big L Records entitled "Come On If Your Comin" features Tom's classic new tune Gypisfied as well as obscure classics in the Blue Rhythm Boys style.


"Swingin' acoustic guitars, southern-tinged vocals and the best repertoire East of Bucks County all combine to float your boat up the mighty Miss-i-sip"  Folk/Swingster Dan Hicks

Blue Rhythm Boys: Come On If You
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